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We're sorry you're having technical or other account-related issues, and we're here to help! You can rest assured that the Marriage SOS™ course platform is monitored daily to ensure proper functioning, and that we keep a close eye on our inbox for those course-takers who may run into problems.

Email with the name on your account, the course name, and a brief description of the problem you're having. We will get you back into your course ASAP.

Here's a quick look at the most common issues:

- Can't sign-in to account or access program. This is typically due to a mistyped email address when first creating your account. We can fix it! It may also be due to forgetting which email you used when first creating your account. The problem may also stem from a mistyped or forgotten password.

- Used the Forgot Password? link, but haven't received the email link to reset password. The email may be in your spam folder; however, for those users with a Yahoo email address, it is common for Yahoo to block the reset email link. While this is not an issue with our platform, it is easily fixable and we can help very quickly.

For tech-related issues, such as courses that won't play smoothly, almost all problems can be resolved by:

- refreshing the page and giving the page or feature time to fully load

- clearing the cache

- ensuring that "cookies" are enabled on your device

- signing out and then back in to your account 

- checking your Internet connection

- trying a different browser

- restarting your device or trying a different device 

Please note that skimming these troubleshooting steps and even ruling them out can help us zero-in on your problem much faster, and limit back-and-forth emails - we know you are frustrated and we want to get you back into your course as quickly as possible!

When will you hear back from us? Probably a lot sooner than you think!  If it's during daylight hours in North America, you may even hear back within the hour. If you email during the night, you'll typically hear back early the next morning. Sometimes, however, it may take up to 24 hours for us to investigate and come up with a solution. You can be confident, however, that we have received your email, that it is important to us, and that we're on it!

For more troubleshooting steps and information, you can also visit the the main Tech Support Page (

For immediate answers to frequently asked questions about Marriage SOS, you may wish to visit the main FAQ Page (

If you are experiencing another issue with your account, please email for fast, friendly, and personalized help.

Thank you!

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