PLEASE NOTE: Getting Through the Day // Stay Strong, Smart & Focused is currently offered as a no-cost bonus when you enroll in Overcoming Infidelity // For Betrayed Spouses.

Stop letting your fears, emotional outbursts or obsessive, over-analyzing thoughts get the better of you! Stop letting them prevent you from doing what you know must be done to save your marriage.

Start listening now to this Marriage SOS crash course for more peace, better control and greater perspective – not just of your marriage, but of your life, too.

- Over two intensive hours of core audio, divided into three parts

- Core audio (as above) with optional calming video background 

- Three-part workbook / program supplement

- PDF book: 30 Lifelines to Revive Your Marriage in One Month

- Must-watch videos and exercises to improve spousal interactions and intimacy

- Client Q&A clips: Hard Questions, Straight Answers - from Deb's Desk

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